Hodl Finance

As some of you know Hodl Pad is expanding. Here in a couple weeks we plan on adding a feature to Hodl Pad that let’s users make there own BSC tokens.

Anyone will be able to create there own crypto projects in a matter of minutes!!!

Cost Structure:

$5: Token on Test Net (play around with)

$100: deflationary token

$200: add back into liquidity, redistributions, etc

The goal for this feature is end of August.

We have also partnered with Waifer Token as are go to social media platform for people wanting to partner and team up with other crypto projects

Any Projects that create there token via Hodl Pad will get free promotions via Twitter.

Once this is done, we will be adding token creation on the Matic(Polygon Network)




Big News!!!

The Hodl Gold Environment is expanding due to its growing interest.

As we wait for the Defi Exchange to be up and running — we present to you, HODL Blood Diamond.

Supply: 2,000 [Lowest circulating supply out there????]

HODL BLOOD DIAMOND: Only 2,000 in the world

50% of the supply will be in a pre sale…



Hodl Finance

Hodl Finance

Go to launchpad services on BSC message for free airdrops for your project cheaper and more decentralized